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ANAMNESE Services are published by the company ANAMNESE, SAS with a capital of 40,391.7 euros, registered in the RCS of Evry under the number 830 411 179, whose head office is located at 73 rue Léon Bourgeois, 91120 PALAISEAU, and whose intra-community VAT number is FR09 830411179.

Chairman - Finance : Jérôme BOURREAU.

Managing Director : Raphaël CANYASSE.


Terms and conditions

Anamnesis is not a substitute for medical advice, which can only be given by a health professional.

Date of update of the present General Terms of Use : 20/05/2020
This is the only authoritative version until it is replaced by a new version.

Specific terms of use specific to the services offered by Anamnesis complement these General Terms of Use. These special conditions are an integral part of these General Terms of Use.


Editor : The person, natural or legal, who publishes online communication services to the public.

Website : All the sites, web pages and online services offered by the Publisher.

User : The person using the Site and services. It can be one of two types:

Patient : means any person using the services offered by the Anamnese company in order to prepare an exchange with a health professional.

Health professionals : means any natural person legally exercising one of the professions mentioned in Part IV of the Public Health Code.

Terms and conditions : defines the present Terms and Conditions of Use.

Cpu : Special Terms of Use that complement these General Terms of Use.

Update : means any update of the services offered by Anamnese via the Site.

Put on line : refers to the availability on the Internet, by Anamnese, of its Site for the general public.

Operating system / artificial intelligence : refers to the software system supporting the services offered on the Anamnese.me website.

Pre-diagnosis / diagnostic guidelines or suggestions : refers to the set of leads proposed to the health professional based on the answers obtained from the patient.

Privacy Policy : defines the privacy policy applied and implemented by the Anamnese company in relation to the use of the services offered on the anamnese.me website.

mdi-chevron-rightCollection and processing of patient user data in one of the 10 languages managed to date, with the aim of creating a comprehensive patient record that will assist the healthcare professional during his or her consultation.

mdi-chevron-rightPropose links between "patient" users and health professionals (doctors, telemedicine, hospitals, etc...) and make appointments with the health professional.


mdi-chevron-rightConsultation software for healthcare professionals according to its specificity including a calculation of patient risk profile or diagnostic assistance through our differential diagnosis tool.

mdi-chevron-rightPrevention (addictology, health check-up etc...)

mdi-chevron-rightRemote patient follow-up on behalf of the healthcare professional (chronic disease follow-up between two consultations, pre-operative coaching and post-operative follow-up etc.).

Access to the services offered by Anamnèse is via the web platform available at the following address: www.anamnese.me. Access to the services is free for users with a "patient" profile, subject to acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of Use and the Privacy Policy. Patients are free to register in order to benefit from a dedicated account space within the platform.
The services offered are also available to healthcare professional users subject to acceptance of the TOS and the privacy policy. In addition, these users are invited to write to contact@Anamnese.me in order to take note of the following information details of the Anamnese company's professional offers

The use of the Anamnese solution is free for the patients and subject to conditions for the medical professionals. These conditions are available by contacting contact@anamnese.me..

The effectiveness of the solution depends on the completeness and quality of the information provided by the patients. Registered users ensure that the information provided (current, true, complete and personal) in accordance with Article 6-II of Law No. 2004-575 of 21 June 2004 on confidence in the digital economy.

Anamnesis cannot guarantee the accuracy of the conclusions given without checking the information provided. The proposed results are indications and cannot be considered as medical conclusions or medical diagnoses - only a health professional is able to deliver this type of result. Anamnesis, through its services, is only an assistance tool. The results given by Anamnèse are for information and educational purposes only. Anamnèse does not assume any legal responsibility regarding the accuracy of the results of its services.

Using the services offered by the Anamnese.me site, users of all registered or free profiles acknowledge that they have become aware and agree to the acceptance of the CGUs, as well as the Anamnese's privacy policy..

The solutions proposed by Anamnèse can in no way substitute for the opinion of a health professional or be considered as recommendations of any kind. Anamnesis is an assistance solution for health professionals and can in no way replace the latter or answer medical questions.

mdi-chevron-right Vital statistics, identity, identification data...

mdi-chevron-right Personal life data (lifestyle habits, family situation, etc.)

mdi-chevron-right Health data

mdi-chevron-right Connection data (IP address, logs, etc.)

mdi-chevron-right Economic and financial information (income...)

For more information, please visit our Politique de confidentialité et de protection des données personnelles.. For more information, please visit our Politique de confidentialité et de protection des données personnelles.. contact@anamnese.me

Copyright, Licenses, Credits

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